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Suicide Junction, Herstmonceux village and Death Hill



SUICIDE JUNCTION 2021 - Is this one of the most dangerous junctions in Sussex? That is the view of many local residents who objected most strongly to the proposal that may see up to 70 more houses access an A road that is itself substandard and overloaded. It is a pothole nightmare, another issue of concern to people that are forced to drive along this poorly maintained stretch of road. It cannot get better with more traffic to cope with, it can only get worse.





You may agree that the Parish Council in Hertsmonceux is partly responsible for engineering a potentially dangerous situation on the busy A271 because of the substandard visibility splay and the position near the brow of a hill - in relation to a major development of up to 70 houses, that would almost certainly lead to prosecutions of the developers under the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, for poisoning, or conspiring to poison the well serving premises in Lime Park (thus those reliant on such potable water), in addition to Groundwater Regulation offences. Following on from 2021, the potholes noted then, are far worse in 2023 - even without that development taking place - none of which provides genuinely sustainable housing. Hence, adds to global warming.


In 2023, the only electric charging point in Herstmonceux village is at the Pharmacy. We think just one, for the whole village - population: 2,600. There are a couple more at Tesco in Hailsham, and two more at Wealden's car park in Vicarage Lane. Making five for the whole of the area. For a combined population of 22,600. Of which at least 2,000 vehicles operate from Herstmonceux.


They've obviously not heard petrol and diesel vehicles are to be phased out by 2030. Out of touch or what!


Consistently, the Parish website has failed to recognise the most important archaeological asset relating to the development of the age of electricity, right on their doorstep. The only surviving example of which with load-levelling, C.1890, in the whole world. Making this a potential UNESCO World Heritage Site. This monument is presently without a reasonable and beneficial use to pay for it's upkeep in 2023. The charitable Trust who occupy the premises are seeking to rectify that, to be able to advantage the community better and promote Herstmonceux village, as the birthplace of grid stabilization.


Notably, Wealden have no Local List of buildings of character and historical legacy. One of the reasons for this, relates to the historic Generating Buildings. Since, for years this council went out of it's way to deny this was a heritage asset - so as not to make a grant available to the occupier in 1986-88. And to make things worse, they actively sought a change of occupier, despite that being illegal in terms of discrimination and malfeasance in public office. It is alleged that Wealden worked with (and for) Peter Townley and other early directors of Lime Park Estate Limited, notably, Henry Arnell. (Potential nominations for the award of Worst Neighbour in Britain) Thus, to have to include on a Local List, would be the last straw in the "I told you so" stakes. Many former Parish councillors worked with Wealden, to defraud the occupier between 1983 - 1999. Fraud being defined as failing to prevent loss or the prospect of loss, as well as actually causing loss. The onus would then have been on a Parish councillor, to Tell The Truth. Not, stand by in silence and watch those dirty deeds being done.


Wealden DC, is still failing to respond to correspondence in 2023. Further admission as to their guilty minds.




It is doubtful that the Parish council members (the council) comply with the requirement for transparency, honesty and openness, in not providing a contact address, other than "4 The Old Forge." Where all correspondence would then go through the Clerk to the Council, in a most undemocratic way, and almost certainly in denial of SDG16. Leaving the electorate unsure as to qualifying as a local councillor, where geographical location is important, to be able to function in these roles.


Then there is the matter of sensitive correspondence, that should be treated as strictly confidential, not alerting a Clerk (or other office workers) to the existence of such correspondence, which may in any event be opened, en-route, by anyone in the office - expecting perhaps too much of said positions of such trust. This practice is thus highly suspect, and subject to investigation as to lawfulness. Suggestive that a change in the law may be required to prevent corruption, and the build up of cozy relationships, or practices that violate sustainability development goals, or UK codes of conduct.


At least in July 2023, the Conservative Party were ousted from control of Wealden. It is time for change, to a fairer society, with cheaper energy, better value food (with non-compostable plastic packaging) and low cost housing. To defeat the poverty trap engineered by wealthy landlords and executive housing property developers, so perpetuating a culture of financial slavery.




Josephine Angear

Ketrill Game

Josephine Angear

Stephanie Blackledge

Ketill Game

Emma Goodsell

Bryan Naish

David Harding, Chair

Jeremy Harrison

Brian Nicholls

Bryan, Naish


Ian Stewart, Vice Chair





How to secure land for low cost exception sites, within the Wealden district



GENUINELY AFFORDABLE HOUSING - The above CAD generated diagram shows 12 building plots for 18' x 54' flatpack units - on a one acre site, to include parking, but not including an access road. Arable land is roughly 8-9k per acre. An uplift of 100% for compulsory purchase - on land earmarked for Low Cost Exceptions; self-build starter homes (NPPF). Sites thus acquired for villages, will yield plots for registered persons at around 1,670 per plot.


An acre can be any shape, so long as the area is 43,560 square feet, the size of a field one man can plough in a day with a horse. For local plans, longer thinner sites might meld better.


Now, this really is affordable stuff. Flatpacks are around 30-40k, with solar power, borehole/pump and waste treatment pack coming in well under 50k per home. Against which mortgage repayments are roughly 250 per month. And a reduction in Council Tax, to Band A, for those renting executive houses at over 9000 per month. Good news for the homeless, not so good for overpriced market dealers, and price fixing councils, who use their power to monopolize the planning system, to obtain higher rateable bandings - to pay their enhanced pensions. Such councils, dealing in human misery, might be deemed planning criminals, no better than King Charles II and his African Royal Trading Company, officially sanctioning slave trading.







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