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ROUTINE CONGESTION - It's no joke. You can see how often this bit of the High Street is dug up from the repair patches. It's like an annual event. East Sussex County Council get their heads together to arrange for the most awkward time run some more cables, sewerage or other pipes. But, why did they not make provision for that before? It's worse than living in London, traffic wise, but you are in the country, cut off from supermarkets and other stores.




Roads in England are frequently dug up, causing traffic delays, inconvenience and accidents. Why is that?


For some reason, nobody seems to have thought about service tunnels on either side of our roads, with regular tunnels, or large diameter pipes joining the parallel tunnels, that could themselves be large diameter pipes.


We think there should be a law the prohibits the obstruction of traffic, such that where there are no proper service tunnels, development should be unlawful. Why? Because clearly, is there is no provision for expansion without causing major disruption to road users, then the service roads become a self-limiting consideration.


One such Black-Spot, is Herstmonceux village in East Sussex. Known locally as road-works-central. The A271 becomes the High Street, a very narrow 'A' class road that is more like a 'B' class road in reality. Unbelievably, parking is allowed on both sides of this tiny little tarmac strip. The reason being that planners failed to plan ahead, the trademark of Wealden District Council and Herstmonceux Parish Council, many of which Members are lapdogs to the officers in Hailsham, and simply there for personal gain, from the information they are privy to. That is the allegation leveled at the Councillors, who have consistently failed to represent the electorate's wishes.


One could argue that these very regular road works are a kind of traffic calming measure. It's the highways version of Covid, where we all take time out, and slow down.



Suicide junction single file traffic delays


QUEUES - Don't you just love a long wait. There is no choice for driver on the A271, especially at Herstmonceux. Council's, Southern Water, and just about everybody with a shovel feels the need to come down to this little village and dig a hole. It's high time this village had a bypass.




One also has to think about what all of this is costing us in climate change terms. Vehicles sitting at traffic lights for hours on end, with their dirty petrol and diesel engines running, are pumping out carcinogenic particulates into the atmosphere, without going anywhere. As many of you will know, this is a major cause of lung cancer. Why would anyone want to live in a village with traffic fumes on a par with a large town or city?






Some workmen understand that pedestrians and motorists object to repeated upset, as their route to the shops, and back home is cut off for many weeks of the year. Other workmen do not like being observed driving machinery, or just doing their jobs. Sometimes they get quite vocal, where it is both a duty and a right for concerned members of the public to want to record and relay local events to other potential residents and travelers. See articles 9 and 10, the right to receive and impart information.








There is nothing but queues in Herstmonceux. The village should have had a bypass years ago, to get rid of the heavy traffic, where both East Sussex County Council and Wealden District, knew they were planning to load up the A271 with very nearly twice the traffic the road was designed to carry. Talk about (criminal) negligence!







West End was blocked in August 2021, but this time for (very) necessary resurfacing works. These workmen were very understanding, once it was pointed out to them about the roads being substandard.










They obviously don't understand the Highway Code, about not obstructing traffic near the brow of a hill.







THE GREEN LIGHT - The A271 is littered with road works and traffic lights all the way to Hailsham. They just keep moving the signs. It's like musical chairs. We are always relieved when red turns to green.




And then we have potholes. The potholes along the A271 are legendary, making it an extremely dangerous road. The reason for this is that the so-called 'A' road is actually 'B' road standard. It is narrow and carries a much higher level of traffic than a road of this standard was designed to carry. But the Highways authority in East Sussex, will not make improvements, despite huge revenues from road fund licenses. Only about 5% of your money goes to maintaining our roads, to keep MOD contractors and MP second houses paid up.


Likewise, CIL (community infrastructure levy) payments are not being spent locally where development is taking place. Like your vehicle tax, it is being siphoned off for other purposes. There are many reasons for this, allegedly because Wealden and East Sussex County Council invested in fossil fuel companies. Hence, the civil servant officers are diverting these monies to prop up their pensions.



Suicide Junction, Herstmonceux village and Death Hill


SUICIDE JUNCTION 2021 - Is this one of the most dangerous junctions in Sussex? That is the view of many local residents who objected most strongly to the proposal that may see up to 70 more houses access an 'A' road that is itself substandard and overloaded. It is a pothole nightmare, another issue of concern to people that are forced to drive along this road. This section of road and the hill, the subject of attention is forever being dug up. Meaning that accidents are even more likely to happen, apart from the idiotic placing of this junction.




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