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The Rectory in 2007



CONVERTED STABLES - Part of the Lime Park estate that once belonged to the Baron von Roemer, and his son, Charles de Roemer, this nice stable square has been converted to residential accommodation, the subject of a dispute under the Party Wall Act 1996, that was revealed in June of 2022, when the owner of this property failed to serve notice as to intended works.





In the making of an application for planning permission relating to The Rectory in Lime Park, Jill Finn and Nigel Flood according to Wealden District Council's planning and building control portal, appear to have instructed Mr Sam Finnis of Vector Planning & Design Ltd.


The builders/joiners involved in the conversion and ground works, appear to be Advanced Space Building & Design Ltd. To be confirmed or denied.


Howsoever, the application appears to have been defective, in knowingly not including a Heritage Statement, despite the development taking place adjacent to a building (asset) of know local historic importance. Whereas, in all such cases, a Heritage Statement is a legal requirement, as per the National Planning Policy Framework.


In that Notice was not given as to the Party Wall Act 1996, and the groundwork's were within 3 meters of the historic asset, all of these factors may combine to constitute an offence under the Fraud Act 2006, or so it is alleged. In addition, where it appears that all of those involved in the application and building works are working together on this enterprise, if a criminal offence has been committed, it may well constitute a joint enterprise. Though, it is a defence in law if any of the parties did not know it is a legal requirement to supply a heritage statement, or of the party wall notice requirement.


Sussex police were called to the scene, which was recorded only for the purposes of detecting and preventing crime. At the moment, investigation is pending. But may not be necessary, if a compelling reason is provided as to any failures to advise.









Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992

Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979

Criminal Damage Act 1971

Fraud Act 2006

Party Wall Act 1996

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990

Prescription Act 1832
















INDUSTRIAL ARCHAEOLOGY AT RISK - Not the most attractive of buildings perhaps, as it has fallen into a state of disrepair. This is mainly because Wealden District Council have done all they can to deny the building a reasonable and beneficial use, to pay for restorations, up to 2022. The Parish Council have been working with the district council on this. That is why the most important historic asset in Herstmonceux does not have an income for maintenance and general repairs. Residents within the park, had been working to purchase the complex at an undervalue. The local authority were helping Peter Townley in this regard, despite institutionalised discrimination being illegal as an agenda, conspiracy, or vendetta.






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